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Mindfulness is the ancient practice of noticing without judgment. Whether it is used as a gateway to higher spiritual growth or as a path to more balanced living, the applications of mindfulness are various, as are the ways to achieve it. 



Developed by Dr. Jamie Marich, founder of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, a clinical counselor and expert in traumatic stress studies, Dancing Mindfulness strives to honor the safety and integrity of each participant. The dancing mindfulness practice is an expressive arts experience open to everyone regardless of previous experience with dance, yoga, music or meditation.

Dancing Mindfulness uses the art form of dance as the primary medium of discovering mindful awareness. Dancing through seven primary areas of mindfulness-in-motion: breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit, and fusion (of all elements), with a respect to the attitudes of mindfulness, participants tap into their body’s own healing resources and realize that we all have a unique creativity just waiting to be cultivated. 


Artistic Director, Kasia Truefitt has undertaken training with Dr Jamie Marich in London and Los Angeles and Truefitt Collective have partnered with the Institute to exclusively offer Dancing Mindfulness to Primary Schools in the UK. 

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