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Would you like to:

  • Get children active at school?

  • Offer amazing, high quality dance clubs?

  • Introduce Dancing Mindfulness workshops within your school to support mental health and wellbeing?

  • Deliver dance as part of the national curriculum?

  • Have creative and specialised PPA Cover?


At Truefitt Collective, we partner with Primary Schools to deliver high quality experiential learning through dance. Truefitt Collective provides Breakfast, Lunchtime and After School Clubs to Primary Schools in Dance and Dancing Mindfulness. We also run Creative Dance days for Primary Schools, focusing on creative curriculum and use dance to bring the classroom topics to life. 

Breakfast clubs: 30-45 mins 

After- school clubs: 1 hour 

Lunch clubs: 30 mins

1:1 sessions: 30 mins


All of our Dance Teachers and Dancing Mindfulness Facilitators are qualified, experienced, DBS checked, and importantly are friendly, passionate about what they do and great fun!

Dance Clubs:


Our dance clubs are fun and educational with a focus on improving stamina, co-ordination, core strength and dance technique. Our team deliver high quality dance training focusing on Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Street Dance to engage and inspire young people. All our Primary School Dance Clubs have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop confidence and work towards original dance productions at the end of the school term. Our dance clubs run for 1 hour each week. 


If you are a Primary School and are interested in establishing a Dance Club with us, please contact us for further information and pricing. 



Dancing Mindfulness Clubs:


Mindfulness practices bring us into the present moment. We are so often lost in thoughts of our past or worries about our future that our lives fly by largely unnoticed and unappreciated. Mindfulness is all about awareness, attention and appreciation of this moment. 


Our Dancing Mindfulness Clubs use movement, music and mindfulness-in- motion to reach a place of greater awareness. The aim is to teach children about mindfulness and movement exercises that help reduce stress and anxiety and give them tools to understand and manage their emotions. 


In our Dancing Mindfulness clubs, children learn and practice Mindfulness skills that can be used in everyday life, while also engaging in creative dance as a means of introducing, experiencing, and deepening their understanding of Mindfulness. 


Truefitt Collective are partnered with The Institute for Creative Mindfulness and exclusively deliver Dancing Mindfulness workshops to Primary Schools in the UK. If you are a Primary School and are interested in establishing a Dancing Mindfulness Club with us, please contact us for further information and pricing.

Curriculum Classes:

“Creative Day of Dance” 

We believe in the importance of a creative curriculum and using dance to bring classroom topics to life.

We provide bespoke workshops to complement classroom learning. Our Dance Artists will liaise directly with class teachers to devise creative dance workshops that will benefit all students.


Each dance workshop consists of a warm up, dance technique exercises, creative time, reflection time and cool down excesses. We follow the National Dance Teachers Association guidelines for Primary Dance which link to the P.E National Curriculum. 

Example of a Creative Day of Dance:

09:00 - 09:45: Year 1

09:45- 10:30: Year 2

10:45- 11:30: Year 3

11:30- 12:15: Year 4

13:30- 14:30: Year 5

14:30 - 15:30: Year 6



Dance not only has physical benefits but will also help children mature emotionally, socially and cognitively. For kinaesthetic learners, there is no better way of enhancing classroom themes and ideas than through exploring them through dance and movement. 

1. To work closely with schools and class teachers to embed creativity and movement into the classroom environment.

2. To promote a healthy lifestyle through embedding creative exercises within the classroom environment, encouraging children to participate in physical activity.

3. To offer young people the opportunity to learn new skills, grow in confidence and develop performance skills.

Why book a Creative Day of Dance for your school?

Truefitt Collective delivers unique bespoke workshops to support children’s learning and development through creativity and movement. Our inspirational facilitators visit your school to engage the children with our amazing interactive workshops. Teachers also benefit from taking part and learning new techniques. 

How many children can take part?

Approximately 180 (six workshops Y1-Y6). Sessions usually last 45 mins – 1 hour. Our workshops have been developed to work with a whole one-form entry school in one day although half days can be arranged to meet your needs too. 

How much do workshops cost?

Prices start at £2 per child for Curriculum Classes  (minimum 90 children to take part in the day).

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