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Dance work created by Kasia Truefitt | TruefittCollective

There are frightening male figures in the woods - we call the 'Wolves' among other names and females are hopeless before them. Better stick close to the path, better not be too adventurous. In fairy tale code, Jack may kill giants but little redrawing hood must learn the define the good from the evil.

Little Red portrays darker undertones hidden within children's fairy-tales, the loss of innocence and the exploitation of young people. The work exposes the irony and humour of the extreme characterisations brought out of Little Red Riding Hood as she enters a liminal stage of becoming a woman. Little Red toured with 3Fall Dance Company on their Spring Tour 2015.


Elisha Hamilton, Emma Evans, Callum Anderson, Georgia Morris, Laurie-ann Jeffrey and Laura Hughes.


Kasia Truefitt

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