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Truefitt Collective presents - Kasia Truefitt - Amy Toner


There is nothing more public than privacy / The Goddess of Chocolate

A work devised by two choreographers who have privately explored an approach towards ‘capturing intimacy’ within the female body. One research enquiry, two contrasting solos, co-existing in the same space.

There is nothing more public than privacy tackles questions of public loneliness through a process of visually documenting women in their private and intimate states of being.

The Goddess of Chocolate thematically focuses on the historical narratives between the relationship of women and chocolate. Simultaneously, the work questions the private and public areas of the body: eating/digesting, inside/outside.Together they uncover private aspects of the female role in performance, questioning the private and

public areas, inside and outside of the female body.

Performed by: Gianna Burright & Grace Bowen

Choreographed by: Kasia Truefitt & Amy Toner

The Godess of Chocolate - Amy toner - Truefitt Colective
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